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  • Diego  Barraza
    Diego Barraza updated their status 8th Sep 2014 0
    Join us for our premier screening in Lewes, East Sussex on the 13th of September and on the 19th at Santa Monica, LA Awareness Film Festival #Part&ParcelYoga documentary »
  • Costas Andreou
    Costas Andreou updated their status 26th Jul 2014 0
    Production news, in Greek: »
  • Elizabeth Wood
    Elizabeth Wood updated their status 25th Jun 2014 0
    Just released our exciting programme of July films: »
  • Aymar  del Amo
    Aymar del Amo updated their status 27th May 2014 0
    We've new International distribuitor for PLANETA BLANC: MOTION PICTURES,SA. »
  • Carol  Bash
    Carol Bash updated their status 13th May 2014 0
    My documentary "Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band" will be completed this fall! Please stay tuned for updates on the 2015 PBS broadcast (US) and festival screenings! »
  • Diego  Barraza
    Diego Barraza updated their status 8th May 2014 0 project finished and looking for distribution partnerships, venues and events interested in exhibiting the film and people that resonate with a film about yoga and would like to promote it further »
  • Luca Gennari
    Luca Gennari updated their status 21st Mar 2014 0
  • Luca Gennari
    Luca Gennari updated their status 21st Mar 2014 0
    You can stream for free my short doc "It's gonna rain" here: »
  • Ahmed Nabil
    Ahmed Nabil updated their status 25th Feb 2014 0
    Check out my new finished documentary; 17 Fouad StreetTrying ti fin d adistributor..Teaser: »
  • Brindusa-Ioana Nastasa
    Brindusa-Ioana Nastasa updated their status 6th Feb 2014 0
    'In Berlin We Die Alone' accepted at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2014. »
  • Diego Mas Trelles
    Diego Mas Trelles updated their status 4th Feb 2014 0
    Attending Berlinale »
  • Sibylle Meder
    Sibylle Meder updated their status 18th Jan 2014 0
    working as supervising editor and co-director on DREAM JOB's , a web docu series about millenials pursuing the career of their dreams while making a positive impact. The first season SLOW FASHION presents 6 independent designers from four countries. »
  • Anamika Bandopadhyay
    Anamika Bandopadhyay updated their status 16th Jan 2014 0
  • Costas Andreou
    Costas Andreou updated their status 15th Jan 2014 0
    The latest news, in English: »
  • Gloria Kurnik
    Gloria Kurnik updated their status 28th Nov 2013 0
    Check out my director reel: »

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